The history of Lake Palace 

According to historians, Lake Palace, earlier known as Lower Staniszów Manor, was erected in 2nd half of XVIII century, at the order of Count Heinrich XXXVIII von Reuss, who started the construction of the building in 1786.


Early XX Century

In 1919 the property was purchased by "Wiehmer und Schneller" agency and the succeeding owner was major Otto von Zobelitz. After his death, Emil Mattig has become the tenant of the manor, who in turn passed the management of the property to the State. This led to creation of the experimental center on the premises of the manor, under governance of the Prussian Zootechnical Institute.

XX Century

In 1945, right after the end of the Second World War, building on the works and expertise of professor Tiemann, an Experimental Farming Plant has been funded on the premises of the manor, which was later turned to a National Farm. A few years later, the property was purchased by a private investor and transformed into current estate. 



Lake Palace is part of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens in the Valley of Jelenia Góra, which is the largest complex of the palaces in the world! It is located in Staniszów - a historic village, which at the height of fame, was hosting four, fully operational, palace buildings, as well as a world famous Echt Stonsdorfer Bitter liquer manufacturing plant, that is being produced till now.

The Valley of Palaces and Gardens,with the surrounding picturesque villages and majestic mountains, has become an attractive tourism destination, in all seasons of the year. Over 2.5 million tourists is visiting this region on an annual basis, which is approaching the levels of tourism in Tatra Mountains, so-far considered the main destination spot in Polish mountains. 

The number of investments in that region, makes it one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Poland, both in terms of accomodation base as well as variety of attractions and facilities. The Valley of Palaces and Gardens is gladly visited by guests from many countries, especially neighbouring Germany and Czech Republic. Due to very convenient road connections (through S8, S3, S5 highways), this location is easily accessible also to guests from all over Poland, making it easier and faster reachable, than most other mountain regions in Poland.

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