Lake Palace, is a part of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens of the Jelenia Góra Valley, which represents the largest concentration of palaces in the world!
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Perfect location for business events, tourists and families with kids

Lake Palace is a splendid historic building, erected in XVIII century, located in the south of Jelenia Góra and surrounded by nature. Our guests have 53 stylish furnished rooms at their disposal, each of which, combines an elegant palace style with modern facilities. Each room has a large bathroom, many have a balcony with a picturesque view on Karkonosze Mountains with it's Śnieżka Peak. Lake Palace offers you a restaurant and two magnificent orangeries, where any type of celebrations could be hosted.

Nearly 250 years 

of history

According to historian, Lake Palace, earlier known as Lower Staniszów Manor, was erected in 2nd half of XVIII century, at the order of Count Heinrich XXXVIII von Reuss, who started the construction of the building in 1786.

The palace is nestled among picturesque mountains within a Culture Parc of Jelenia Góra Valley and is a part of the "Valley of Palaces and Gardens", world's largest concentration of XIXth century palaces and castles. More than 30 gothic castles, renaissance courts, baroque palaces and residences is located in the area of approximately 100 square kilometers,  

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At the feet of Karkonosze Mountains

Lake Palace is part of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens in the Valley of Jelenia Góra, which is the largest complex of the palaces in the world. It is located in Staniszów - a historic village, which at the height of fame, was hosting four, fully operational, palace buildings, as well as a world famous Echt Stonsdorfer Bitter liquer manufacturing plant, that is being produced till now.

The Valley of Palaces and Gardens,with the surrounding picturesque villages and majestic mountains, has become an attractive tourism destination, in all seasons of the year. Over 2.5 million tourists is visiting this region on an annual basis, which is approaching the levels of tourism in Tatra Mountains, so-far considered the main destination spot in Polish mountains.